The Kraftbet company was founded on the initiative of

Company shareholders:

Hossa House

Wroclaw-based developer, which throughout the years of market presence completed over a dozen construction investments. Such as single-family buildings, residential buildings, and commercial buildings

Aprum Apartments

specializes in building suites in attractive tourist resorts


manufacturer of ready-mixed concrete, operates 7 plants producing concrete mixes and a natural aggregate mine in Lower Silesia
Due to the desire for development, increase quality and interest in modern technology, a new company was formed. 

After more than a dozen years of experience in the industry, a new technology in the field prefabricated construction units has aroused curiosity. 

The company has opened a prefabricated concrete plant equipped with modern machinery
Kraftbet specializes in modern technology in the field prefabricated concrete unit manufacturing. It manufactures reinforced units traditionally used in residential and large building construction (e.g., single-family houses, residential buildings, production halls, warehouses, offices, commercial buildings), as well as for non-standard projects.

We offer a wide range of standard products as well as custom products made on special orders based on individual design documentation.





In addition, our offer includes services such as designing custom units and installation of purchased prefabricated units.
Kraftbet produces and distributes prefabricated construction units on the Polish and foreign markets. 
The company is constantly expanding and seeking new employees, such as steel fixer / concrete placer, formwork carpenter, warehouse worker / overhead crane operator, production engineer, quality engineer and office workers.

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